Along the way, I stopped to blog on some of my current reading:

[1] Fake News (12/12 and 12/14/19),

[2] The Philosopher’s Magazine (1/11/19),

[3] Before the Big Bang (2/27 and 3/1/19),

[4] We Are Not Alone (3/29 and 4/1/19),

[5] Is Life Worth Living? (5/8 and 5/10/19),

[6] God and Physics (7/8 and 7/10/19),

[7] Revolutionary Deism (7/12 and 7/14/19),

[8] Does God Exist? (10/28 and 10/30/19),

[9] African Philosophy (2/3/20, 2/5/20, and  2/7/20),

[10] Finding Wisdom (5/12/20 and 5/15/20),

[11] Who is a meaning of life for? (8/31/20),

[12] Happiness and Meaning – Susan Wolf (10/30/20 and 11/2/20)

[13] On the Meaining of Life – Will Durant (1/13/21, 1/15/21, and 1/18/21),

[14] 1984 by George Orwell (5/21/21 and 5/24/21).

[15]  Ultimate Questions by Bryan Magee (5 posts 9/24/21-10/6/21).

It was a pleasure to welcome a guest blogger, Barry Zern, who presented an alternative view on God (10/14/20 and 11/16/20-11/21/20). I thank him for his contribution and would be happy to receive others from readers.

I also related some philosophical thoughts on Helping the Homeless (5/17/21 and 5/19/21) and on the COVID-19 vaccines (6/21/21 and 6/23/21).

Over the last three years, the site had 7,040 visits by 5.962 different users from 129 different countries on six continents. The majority (63.2%) of users came from a search engine (91.7% Google; 3.6% Bing; 2.2% Baidu, 1.6% Yahoo, and 1% Ecosia ) while 34.6 % came directly to the site and 2.2% from a social media referral (90.8% Facebook; 6.2% Linkedin, 1.5% Pocket, and 1.5% Twitter). The most visited page was The Summum Bonum (post on 1/23/19 and Appendix Table 2 and Diagram 1). The most visited current reading was We Are Not Alone.

The book is currently about 80% complete (although the posts are probably more accurately viewed as a second draft rather than final, and provide detail and length exceeding that permitted for a modern publication).

From here that I will finish the section on Purpose and The Meaning of Life with a look at the place of strangers as the last type of relationship, social or occupational roles, and cosmic participation. Form there I will discuss the large areas of Contentment and The Meaningful Life followed by Ultimate Reality and the Meaningful Life. I hope to close with essays on the integration of the four components, and perhaps analyze how various traditions and individuals reflect this format. With good luck I hope to develop a final synthesis by this time next year in my ongoing public search for enlightenment.

I hope this quick review helps summarize the composition of the site and helps those who wish to return to past sections in their own journey. It remains my passionate goal to present a system of practical philosophical guidance that, to my knowledge, is unavailable elsewhere.

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